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me I am a independent software developer with about 10 years of experience, i have done computer graphics for 2 years, web programming for 5 years and am currently doing desktop and mobile programming for Apple hardware since 2008.
facetime Based in the north of england i am open to any remote or local contracts, i specialize in OS X and iOS software but i am always happy to exercise other areas of my expertise like graphics, networking or system administration.
E-mail/FaceTime/iMessage: contact@vladalexa.com
resume pdf I started with computer graphics, moved to system
administration and network engineering, web
programming to desktop and mobile programming.
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valexa starred jessesquires/JSQMessagesViewController October 21, 2016
valexa forked thedistance/ThemeKit to valexa/ThemeKit October 18, 2016
valexa starred thedistance/ThemeKit October 18, 2016
valexa starred Alamofire/Alamofire October 10, 2016
valexa starred ResearchKit/ResearchKit October 7, 2016
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